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This domain is not for sale at this time. Cam Newton and/or his designated agent has first right of refusal to this domain name if and when he should become a professional athlete. Until he relinqueshes his amateur status, I cannot discuss the transfer of this domain with ANYONE. This first right of refusal has no intrinsic monetary value and should not be construed as an extraordinary benefit.

My intent on registering this domain is to save it for Cam Newton and the domain will be safe with me until he chooses to capitalize on his idea.

For the record, I am no way affilliated with Auburn University, Cam Newton or any sports representatives.

If Cam should decide he does not want this domain name, I will put it up for auction. If you have emailed me, I will keep your information on file and will let you know when it becomes available. Contact me at WeComin[at]

WDE, Kevin

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